Driftwood Club Members

The 2020 swim saw the committee institute a new award to participants who have completed at least 10 full series over the time we have been running this event.

Those participants were presented with the prestigious driftwood plaque to celebrate their continued washing ashore at our events. Their names appear on this page in recognition of their support of our event and our clubs.

In Norse mythology the first humans were said to be formed from driftwood. As with true driftwood our awardees are varied, some sleek and smooth, others ragged and contorted displaying proudly their life’s journey. All unique and valued.

Our Current Driftwood Club Members

Colin Whiting

Charlie Cooper

Noel Ryan

Robert Knight

Sandra Skilbeck

Thomas Spafford

Clare Vaughan

Denys Dodd

Bindi Hunter

Lisa Logan

Mark Pech

Steve O’Brien

Ian Brown

Ian McPhail

Tanya Suggett

Richard Wade

David Champness

Darren O’Brien

Mark O’Sullivan

Maggie Hill

Robert Field


Leonard O’Brien

Sue Blizzard

Patrick Dwyer

Peter Varley

Jack Keegan​

Maurice Reid

David Johnstone

Martin O’Brien

Laurie Laurenson

Denis Fitzpatrick


We thank every swimmer for the contribution they’ve made to our four clubs over the years, we love nothing more than seeing you enjoying our events!